Have Devs chosen Slavs as baseline for the Romans?

Cause when I tried to collect data for my little side project, the best booming civs in AOE2 the farming rates of Romans are extraordinary high.

In fact as high as you would expect a slave farmfer + slav farm with 5 % increased gather rate to be.

And I highly recomment to fix this asap, cause with this eco Romans will be nothing short but completely broken.

Makes sense for Romans. :rofl:

Jokes apart, they work 15% faster than generic?

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Besides that, the whole civ seems a bit uncreative and more or less a just a more castle age oriented version of the Slavs. Both have a passive collecting eco bonus. Both have a discount in the siege department. Both have a heavy armored cav UU. Both have a focus on infantry and capeable cavalry. Both have an absolutely disgusting archery range and no bracer. Both have no gunpowder. In the end, the infantry bonus with the armor upgrade, the eco bonus and the fact, that a single centurion is enough for the aura bonus, will result in a very strong castle age. In Imperial, the lack of two man saw will mitigate roman eco and Salvs will be stronger with Druzhina, SO and better trash units. But overall, I just can´t see the great difference between the two civs.

Though it seems it goes down a bit closer to the Slavs rates at the later stages which is expected as then the food generation rate of the slavs Farms becomes the bottleneck.

I’ve only collected data until full feudal upgrades as it was very obvious the rates are way too high.