Have Map In Loading Screen

Please add the map in the loading screen frame, I forget to look in lobby before loading starts.
just be a easy nice feature to include


Adding one bit of text is probably not easy, I can’t see any other reason why it would be missing with all this knowledge and experience we have today from other RTS. I hope for this in the season 17 update. So buckle up, get a wife(or waifu) and children. And maybe one day you can enjoy it together and it will be a beautiful day.

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I thought this is core part of the game, where adding this information would reduce the advantage for the player who actually looked this up in the lobby… :smiley:

And to be fair with the devs, it’s not just a simple static text, it ideally would be different for each map strongly corresponding with the actual map you will play on, so has to be tested for all map+civ+playername combos ( :rofl: ). So better take the time to implement this right. Imagine if they prematurely include this feature and it sometimes displays the wrong map name…

I’d be fine with it just being notepad font on white backgroun. anything would be better than not knowing

:joy: :joy: :joy: so true

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