Have the issues we gave feedback for been fixed?

Hello there!

I was very critical with this game in the stress test. I did enjoy the game, but ultimately what held the game back were all the technical problems that ultimately make it a bad RTS. I am not going to buy this at full price if the RTS experience is worse than Aoe3, Aoe2 or Starcraft 2. So please tell me, have these issues, which we complained about in the past, been fixed?

  • Revealing the map after game ends
  • Global production queue like Aoe3 DE
  • Control Group stealing like in Starcraft 2
  • Full hotkey customization (yes also mouse buttons)
  • “select all of the same type” hotkey like in Aoe3 DE
  • A hotkey to select all barracks/stable etc like Aoe3 DE
  • further zoom and multiple different zoom options like Aoe3 DE far and very far
  • Selecting the civ BEFORE the map gets shown to prevent people from picking civ depending on map and skewing balance and fairness (this is how it works in all the RTS I know: WC3, COH2,Stacraft 1 and Starcraft 2, Aoe3 DE)
  • Moving the Chinese Dynasty button away from the middle of the screen (huge issue that was reported right away by every Chinese player)
  • Chinese official no longer taking up idle worker slot
  • Do we have a profile with match history and statistics like Starcraft 2 and Warcraft 3 used to have (before WC3 Reforged destroyed the game)
  • Does shift-queue to build multiple buildings work now? It was broken when I played in the stress test. Only the foundation would go down to villagers would not start building
  • Does shift-queue to pick up a relic and send it to the monastery work now? In the stress test you could only deposit it next to monastery and need to deposit manually
  • Does shift-queue to kill, pick up a Deer carcass and deposit it next to a mill work now? In the stress test, you had to do all of this manually which made Hunting a micromanagement nightmare
  • The cursor shows a blue or red circle whenever you click on the ground or use attack move. This was obnoxiously big, the circle should have been reduced in size because it blocks view of enemy units.
  • Gunpowder smoke from bombards was too much. It made units and battles impossible to see and obscured vision. Was the white smoke reduced?
  • Mangonel, Trebuchet and other siege unit projectiles were almost impossible to see. Was this improved? Can you see individual cannonballs now like you can in Aoe3?

Please answer if these issues have been fixed.


Also curious. Reviews from big outlets aren’t very valuable for ‘insiders’ and long-time fans of the series, especially ones involved enough to play game even at the closed beta stage.

If I had to take a shot and guess my expression would approximate

A few of these I don’t care about, but some of them I totally agree should be fixed. I’m not super optimistic that they are for launch, but I’m hopeful that they will be soon after.

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I can say that all the bugs with the HRE are still a thing.

  • There is no coat of arms for them. The HRE shields are blank.
  • The mace upgrade still seems buggy as it was in the beta: With the Zweihander tech (dunno why both techs are not merged. The HRE lack so much uniqueness and then they have two unique techs for the same thing actually. Weird and lackluster) it reduces the mace bonus from +6 to +3 and the attack speed from 1.25 to 2.3. The mace tech actually makes the HRE maa worse. It is pathetic that this is still the case.
  • Inspiration still seems to bug out and stop working. The Prelate’s ability is then greyed out and the Prelate itself is only able to heal anymore. He can’t do anything else. This is true for economic and military inspiration. Military inspiration also is not so unique as the Rus can do it, too, and are way more reliable with it. The HRE Prelate needs melee range and a 3 sec cast to inspire one unit, the mounted Warrior Monk needs to attack once and the whole army is inspired. It’s actually ridiculous.

The HRE is still in the same pathetic state that it had during beta. Their buggy mechanics and techs were not fixed, the coat of arms is still missing. Aside from that the Landsknecht is still useless and the English as well as the HRE still have the worst heavy cav in the game, which is ridiculous as heavy cav was perfected and mostly used in Europe. In regards of knights all other Civs should come after the French, the HRE and the English. But since the HRE and the English are the only civs that have nothing unique for their cav and since every civ has every baseline tech, the HRE and the English offer the worst heavy cavalry in the game and it drives me completely nuts. That’s not a bug, but it is a flaw in the game that has also not been adressed. It renders the game unplayable for me.

From what I can tell the game has not been improved in the slightest compared to the beta. I am hoping and I am longing for a day 1 patch that fixes this game as it has more design flaws than hits. It could be so much better if Relic just wanted it to. The way it is now it will become boring pretty soon. And once people have figured out that the HRE and the English barely bring anything interesting to the table and are vastly inferior to the other Civs in regards of uniqueness, mechanics and synergies, I predict that they will become the least played civs within a very short amount of time. There is just no reason to play them. The English have LB, the rest is boring. And the HRE only have maa with weird techs and a strong early eco due to the 40% Prelate, but the rest is utter trash and almost nothing but the baseline of this game. And you can’t argue with their strong defenses. The Chinese also have strong defenses and they are by far the most unique civ in the game. They offer the most unique units and are just way more diverse.

Again: I am not talking about eco balance. I know the HRE is quite strong early on and wins many games because of that. But I am talking about army and diversity and that is just not there. I dunno who is more boring, the English or the HRE… I just know that both are terrible. And the HRE is buggy af on top of that.

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Judging by the fact there’s still a freakin dynasty button in the middle of the screen when playing Chinese, I dont think any of those other issues were fixed.


Most of the reviews are mentioning the same problems we have been adressing 1 year ago, so in short answer NO.


It scores 80+ on metacritics. What else are you asking for?

His post is not about opinions on graphics and animations. It’s about specific things you’d only know from playing the game.

Still no

Still no, but has been mentioned it will be added.

Doesn’t seem to be, just that some can be edited. Full customization also on the ‘coming soon’ list.

Not all of a type, no. Just F1 for all military buildings, then tab. Or use a custom control group of your own making.


No, same place.

If collecting tax and not supervising, the official briefly shows up as an idle villager for about 1 second while pausing moving between buildings.

It seems to work fine from watching streams.

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What you play in open beta is what you get at lunch.

Some minor ajustement will come when they patch in the map editor next year.

All the feature you lable are for personal taste

Game is perfect has it his and allow every one to enjoy it.

If they give u a mouse in the left hand, will u able to enjoy the game?
That’s how players feels to not able use their setup with hotkeys.
cant name it “personal taste”.


Don’t worry, afther a few game, you will be able to adapt your game.

No change needed.

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The game is mos def not perfect as it is.


Are you trolling? How is allowing people to play the way they want to play a bad thing?

On topic, from watching streams it seems all the feedback is still the same. Nothing has really changed. I believe they spent the last months making the build stable and preparing for DLC probably.
Once they get out of the launch phase and all the panic that comes with that they will probably start addressing some of the points we have brought up.

They should really do a roadmap…


Yes, i was trolling a litle. XD