Have you EVER refrained from using cheats when playing a tough solo game?

I sure used them…

Yes. Cheats devalue the game. It’s best to improve, and that can only happen after losing a few times (especially in the early stages).

I have never used cheats in AoE1. But I do remember using them in one of the new AoE2 campaigns where the game kept crashing every time I entered a certain area. I cheated my way though the mission to get forward in the campaign.

I played the campaign once, didn’t see the need for codes. Used the heck out of them when playing Warcraft 2 and StarCraft though. No idea but it would get near the end of each campaign and wld get my ■■■ handed to me.

I was young and dumb at the time >.> Gonna try and avoid pepperoni pizza this time xD

The feeling when you escape your city with a few villagers to build in a new location only to be blown to pieces again :smiley:

I’m such a cheater its horrific

Never used cheats. I don’t like using them at all. I do like using a trick sometime, like immediately take out one AI opponent with a small army or start to build close to it’s base to destroy him asap. This worked very well with a campaign mission (spoiler alert).

I used to as a wee lad, 13ish years ago, trying to just complete the campaign and such.
I have picked up the game again a while back and now I just play and try to better my own tactics, throwing myself at AI Dark Souls style. Still struggling against Hard AI, but there’s definitely progress!