Have you tried local Lan server with radmin VPN?

Hello, just wondering if when just playing with known teammates it would be better to just choose local LAN server and all be connected in same RadminVpn network instead of picking a low ping server.

I have not tried it yet but i think it may work, and better than relying on microsoft servers that sometimes cause dcs and lag.

What do you think?.

From my experience, based on the Gold edition of Age of Empires is that somehow it is not able to work /route over a TUN or TAP VPN. I made test with built-in tp-link OpenVPN, pf-sense and monowall Open VPN. Weirdly on the same computer /VM connected I was able to successfully play Age Of Mythology by entering the IP manually of the server. I did not tried yet this Defenitive Edition since it is unclear if I will be able to play occasionally with my friends like we used to do in LANFUN meeting by using just one account or if they need to subscribe (which will never be the case considering it is a monthly auto renowed things and this is not the principal game for them either )