Having a lot of lag since the last patch (August Patch)

Hello everyone,

its been more than a week that I literally can’t play the game on multi.
I am having permanent roller-coaster bandwidth while I play and it just won’t stop.
My Steam download traffic stays between 1 and 2 MBps, but my wifi signal is correct (here are the Speedtest results: https://www.speedtest.net/result/10026872529.png)

It has become unbearable, and the steam support only redirected me to the classic solutions which are useless in my case.

I have a good 2019 gaming laptop with i7 9750h, 16 Go RAM, and gtx 1650 Max Q, it’s 3 months old.

Could anyone help me deal with this really annoying issue?

Thanks in advance,


Hi, welcome here.

You will need to divide those speedtest results by 8 in order to be able to compare them with Steam’s MB/s.

But most time the default AP’s built-in the router uses are crappy. You should also do a speedtest while connected with LAN cable to compare it with the performance of the wireless adapter.

Also check manually using device manager for driver updates of your wireless adapter by right clicking on it and choose to search for updated driver through Windows or Microsoft update.

The latter you can configure by adjusting the Windows updates settings below advanced and opt-in to also receive updates for other Microsoft products.

I hope this will help your a bit further. Salut.

Hello PCS70,

thank you for your response,

even by dividing the speeds by 8, I have way better results than what I currently see on my Steam dl speed,

I’ve checked every driver of every component of my PC and they are all to date ^^
My Windows is also to date and so does my steam.

I don’t think it’s wifi signal issue, I can’t really tell where it came from.

The thing is that I leave in Paris’s suburbs, and with the back to school period, I’m afraid Steam had to limit some connections to ensure everyone has “enough” bandwidth to play but for me… I don’t :confused:

If I can’t locate the issue I’ll never be able to play this wonderful game T-T

Anyway, thanks for your help!

Have a good evening

Well, I’ve read that the past week there have been large scale DDOS attacks against ISP’s in Europe.

It also amazes me that your 20 Mbps download speed is still faster than the rest (81%) of France.

Let’s just do the math 20 / 8 = 2,5 MBps or MB/s.

If you have running other apps that also use bandwidth of your internet connection, it could very well go down below 2 MB/s and to the values that you see in Steam client.

What also might help is to cold reboot (plug out power for 10 seconds) your router and then try it again.