Having the option to pause during a single player game. Age of Empires IV

Greetings Age of Empires community, this is my first discussion. I have a concern, and that is that I prefer to play single player games, but I like to pause, and while I move the camera and execute commands with my units to feel on par with the AI. However, in Age of Empires IV it seems to me that this cannot be done, and this is one of the reasons why I have not been so keen to play this title, because the AI ​​outperforms me even in the easiest games. I do not feel comfortable. And it seems to me that the developers have not said anything about it. I understand if there are those who don’t want multiplayer to be paused, but I’m only talking about skirmishes and campaign matches. Does anyone know if the studio has mentioned this?
In advance thank you very much for your attention.


You can pause, I do it all the time (just hit ESC). What you CAN’T do is interact with your units while in pause mode.

This is an interesting request for sure but most RTS I have played behave in the same way. Just out of curiosity, is there a particular RTS you’re coming from that allows this sort of “active pause”?

Greetings Eric.
Well look, yes, I am aware that you can pause with ESC, but what I really want is to be able to move the camera while I am paused and execute commands with my units. You ask me for any RTS that allows this active pause, and well, let me inform you that almost all the RTS that I have played allow it. Age of Empires IV is the only one that doesn’t have it. I’m talking about Age of Empires II Definitive Edition, Age of Mythology, Age of Empires III and 0AD too. That’s why I would like to see it in Age IV as well.
The key for this in the other RTS is the “Inter Pause” key, located above the arrows.


Completely agree, pausing and issuing orders in SP games is absolutely needed in AoE4. This feature has been in every AoE game so far, there is no excuse. Relic needs to add it ASAP!


100% agree! Pause to position and give orders is ESSENTIAL to enjoying a single player game (of course not in multiplayer). Especially if fighting multiple fronts. This was available in previous versions of AoE, and both CoH games (my all-time favorites). I WILL NOT BUY THIS GAME UNTIL THIS OPTION IS AVAILABLE. If you want me to pay full price add this small thing in. It is a deal breaker for me - non-negotiable - and I will not be shamed into playing single player games at a multiplayer pace. Shame on relic. Fix it. Of course, I have to follow community rules when playing multiplayer, but DO NOT try to control how I want to play single player. Give me freedom to enjoy the game my way.