HC point for Community Plaza?

I think that dances that train units from the plaza arent used caused we have to wait until is trained plus the time wasted until the unit move to the battlefield. I have thought that these units could be spammed on HC points as TC or defenses. This could work with a separate button available at the firepit too of course. This way allows us to keep sending shipments safely as crates while plaza is training units.
This could be helpful to Hauds and Aztecs to train SK and travois, who are too slow compared with Tokala soldier (dog soldier)

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I think dance soldiers are not viable at all. I dont have any specifics, but I think a tokala (dog) soldier takes 20 sec to spawn with a full CP (25 vils).

Lets assume that by age 4, we have upgraded our vils gathering rate, and we collect stuff by then with 1 resource/second. So by designating 25 vils to CP for 20 second, we are loosing out on 500 resource for a unit that is worth 300 coin.
This is very loosely calculated, didnt have time to test it all out, but I hope the point is clear.

Maybe training 2 units at the same time with migrants or other tech?? My 1st point was thought to save time doubt to plaza should be in base well defended.
Also It was thought for travois too