Heal unit in building need to be easier by sorting unit by % of hp


Heal unit in building is a great feature but quite hard to manage. If you have an army and you want to heal it, you place it in a castle.
If you want to eject full health units it’s quite hard.
My ideas:

  • order unit by hp% like this you can release easily all full hp unit

I would like if all units would always be ordered by their relative HP. So you can more easily chose the units you want to pull back, heal and garrison.
I respect all the people who can do this with the current settings, but I personally often don’t even try this, as it currently takes so much attention to do this. You can’t put this in your muscle memory currently, so it’s just too hard to execute for most people. Whlst if they would always be ordered like this you could actually put this in your muscle memory and have a skill that can make a difference, also for human players, not the best pros only.

We all dream of being as capable with this stuff as viper or hera, but the truth is basically nobody else can do this pulling bacck units mid battle like them - and even if this is a difference maker in pro currently I think it would be better for the game if this was a skill a normal human could learn and execute.


I agree at 100% with you.
There is so much stuff we want to try but we can’t because we don’t have enough APM.
Herbal medicine is insane but we can’t use it because we have more important thing to focus on. Actually it takes around 3 seconds to sort 20 units, if it can be reduce to 1 second there is new strategy we can try.

This would be a nice quality of life feature. Especially helpful in campaigns cuz i like to keep all my starting units alive throughout and it’s such a hassle to heal them now


I agree, and I’d go one step further : add a button on the building to automatically eject fully-healed units, if the button is turned on (off by default to retain its normal behaviour, and buildkng per building, like locking and unlocking gates). When enabled, full-health units will ignore orders to garrison inside.

This would have saved a lot of micro in some scenarios like Alaric 2


yea that seems an easy fix. another even simpler solution would be to have units sorted by hp% when garrisoned so all the full hp units would be lined together


At the begining I wanted to make a post about a button in castle who eject automatically full hp unit. But I thank it was too much.
I think no one will complain if unit are always order by hp (when you select them or in a building)

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I agree that this could be an option. More importantly, I think that they really need to change it so that it no longer suddenly re-orders all the garrisoned units in a building if you ungarrison one unit. For example, if I have three villagers and three knights in a castle, and I want to ungarrison two villagers, I can click the icon of the first vil. I then move my mouse to where the second vil should be, only to find that it has re-ordered the units garrisoned, and I may end up ungarrisoning a knight.