Healers Reform

I really like how the African Civs have multi use healing units. Ethiopia’s Abuns can heal while in battle, pick up treasures and gather coin and influence. Hausa Griots can speed up creation time at buildings, speed up units, slow down enemy units attack speed, heal.

I think all healers should get multiple uses in this way. Maybe not in so many abilities, but at least an offensive and defensive purpose.

The Native American civs mostly already have this with Healers also able to go on the community plaza. Inca on top of this can convert units.
Aztecs - pretty much perfect as they are
Haude and Lakota - Probably need slightly more accessibility, a fast moving healer for Lakota to keep up for raids?
Inca - Pretty much fine as they are

Asian civs have their healers be explorers but I think this is a little limiting.
China - Their disciples should also be able to heal, at a reduced rate maybe weaken the Hero Monk a little in general
Japan - A card or tech that lets shrines heal units similar to Mountain monasteries.
India - Idk, They have a card that lets you heal with the sacred fields already but i dont think its useful so some reform of that?

Europe is where i think there could be the most change.
Germany and Italians could have priest able to worship (gather) at their church for xp. This could be a way for them to reduce their shipment curve penalty, especially in treaty like games, but at a cost of a lot of coin.
Spanish and Ports could have a convert unit ability, similar to that of the Incas.
Malta is fine with the hospital.
Idk for the rest. Im sure there could be a few good ideas out there like improved combat abilities, bonus’s against mercs or heros or other priests. Maybe allowing priest to build a replacement/addition worship building. Or churches to heal.

I dont think there needs to be sweeping changes. Just a few tweaks. Similar to what we are seeing for spies and stealth in general. Interested in starting a conversation about this.


Was actually hoping for a card that combines the Priest and Spy into one. Kinda like a 1 pop inquisitor. but that might be broken.