Healing units could use a rework/buff to become more relevant. Specifically, if healing could target friendly units and perhaps a healing speed and/or a small distance buff would make these units viable.

I’ve tried to use healing in a few 1v1 matches to add longevity to some early mercenaries, but the healing mechanics are just too clunky to be useful at all.


I actually think healing is underrated already. churches give an XP trickle, so they’re worth building early, which means priests are much more accessible than they were before DE. even if your priest only heals a handful of units or one cannon he has paid himself off. And it doesn’t take that long.

A distance buff would be nice though, or an auto-heal mode for priests so that they might find idle damaged units that are out of range.


on each civ church give sexp?

Yes, church provide a tickle of 0.6 xp per second. I just learn it thanks to our friend! Thx

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Yeah, only idle units can be healed, and only one healer can heal one unit at a time. These new restrictions are total dealbreakers unless something else is ridiculously buffed…

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:joy::joy: I was this years old when i learnt this.

Thanks for sharing. My life is changed. Also means i should probably actually read that list of patch notes. There’s likely more junk im missing…

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At least for native civ make them be able to dance at the fire pit, make the rate either to 1.25 - 1.5 of normal villager so it maintains the uniqueness of Aztec warrior priest. Also for the Aztec increase their priest build limit at least to 15 so they only need 10 villagers to dance at the fire pit.

Native civ already suffering from slower gather rate and fewer upgrades/card for the farm/estate, by making all native healer able to dance at fire pit should lessen their penalty a bit and task those dancers to farm/estate.

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There is a troll rush of the Russians, they did it to me the other time in a 2 vs 2, simply a Russian spamming priests and the other Russian sending strelets, the priests themselves only served to annoy and heal the allied units, I think so Healing units were given more skill should be applicable in fortresses, if something more powerful could be done the commercial would be crazy.

This is something that only Russian can pull off, they have team cheap priest card making the priest train faster and only 75 gold for a 360hp unit with ranged resistance. The role of this priest is simply to be a meatshield for strelets since there is no unit that have multiplier against them and attack move targets the closest unit. Only cannon or trample cavalry can deal with it.

It’s similar like how people put rams in front of enemy archer in aoe2.

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Are Asian monasteries provide exp trickles too?

I wouldn’t mind a healers buff, they got buffed a bit already for DE but they still far from viable, I only saw then twice at high level where kynesie(I think) use then to heal mamelukes and when Aiz spammed then on a troll strat(it lost).

I think a good buff would be raising the radius and make then able to heal the targeted unit while it is in battle(they only heal idle units right now, I think)

Just checked! NOPE! it is not for Asian Monastries ! which is very! odd and absurd

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It’s not really absurd, the Asian monasteries perform the same function as the European saloons(Hiring mercs), not the European churches.

It wouldn’t make sense for then to share the church XP bonus

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I would implement the same mechanics of the priests of AoM, they can heal permanently, units while fighting and without having to recharge their ability, I would also add the ability to improve the performance of a building like the pharaoh of AoM, already Instead, it would reduce their HP and establish a creation limit so as not to break the game, and perhaps it would take away the ability to attack enemies, it is not well seen for a holy man to kill people with his hands 21.
Now that I think about it, it would be an interesting mechanic for Hindu monks, what do you think?

In original AOE3 healers were able to recover HP manually in area and during battle.

However some stupid guys said this is troublesome and want ES to change back what AOE2 likes.

After that patch healers have become trash.

Asian Monastries do both! they are Church + Saloons! Hence it is fine to give them a tricle also IMO!

then maybe they should cost 350w? :thinking:

I don’t think asian civs need the xp trickle on their saloon

it provides lesser upgrades, and asians dont have arseanel, ans asians are more needy of shipment than europeon counterpart, hence increasing the cost and adding a tricle is fine enough

Increasing the cost for an XP trickle is a really bad idea. In most cases, somebody will just want mercs, or they’ll just want the xp trickle. neither one of those things is worth 300-350 wood.

Asians don’t get an arsenal, but they typically have more shipments to upgrade units with. Arsenals and their upgrades are really expensive, so it’s relatively balanced. Don’t forget asian civs get export for free and have tons of options available through the consulate that ofc europe civs don’t get. Meanwhile native civs just get nothing lol.

increase Cost or not! giving a trickle aint a bad Idea, but yeah asians have their gimmicky perks that drag them closer to europeons, but natives get almost nothing!