Health bars and selection rectangle don't scale with resolution

i have this bug too, but for me the health bars are not that far off

I have exactly this bug. What YoungCHum proposes is a good temporary fix for now :slight_smile:

Hi All

Following recent update and playing on 1920x1080 (scaled). Health bars and mouse selection is off centre. This was not the case previously. When playing on full 3840x2160 this does not occur (have had to scale down reso due to much discussed performance issue).

Has anyone encountered this/resolved?


From Age of Empires II Report a Bug (Definitive Edition)

Health bars and selection rectangle don’t scale with resolution

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Thanks SorcerousBoat7 for the info! Glad to hear they are looking to resolve!

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I just bought the game and the issue with displaced health bars have been since the first moment.
I dont have the issue with AoE 1 DE…
We need this fixed ASAP!

I am having the same problem when I play below full resolution (zoom independent), and it happens in both single and multiplayer anyway.

Before the update 33164 this was not happening :frowning:

I also have this bug. Not my favorite patch so far.

Game Version: 101.101.331640.0 4413571

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  • Platform (Steam)


The selection indicator is off from where the cursor is. The selection is based on the mouse which is fine but it makes selecting things much more difficult when the box is not where it should be.
See video:

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Left Click -> Hold to select make your selection

The selected villager should be right under his blue life bar. When I play my villagers are about two grids from the bar. I am on build 33164.

Note the lady villager on the farm near the town Center. By the way the game is playble but it is really difficut.

With being said I would like to opoint some things out. Right now this application is buggy piece of __________. You fill in blank. It has not mutured at all. I have 4 evnings when game would not launch or play. Plus I ive a rural area with Satellite internet. It cost me over $60 ini data to get this half way running app. I was programmer at hospital 20 years ago. Had I pushed piece buggy crap like this I would have been expected to work 24 hours a day seven days a week until the software was working or removed. Then most like they would have kicked my ■■■ to the curb. I am not a Microsoft progammer nor are they payingme to be Beta Tester. I want this to work but I am beginning to wonder. Who’s taking the heat forr this mess?


This should have been fixed with the last patch. Are you still seeing issues?

No issues anymore, the fix worked!

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