Heavy cav spam in team games. Whats the counterplay once they breach the walls?

The meta at the moment in 3v3/4v4 is HEAVILY based upon spamming heavy cavalry and breaching the enemies walls to ravage the enemy economy and traders etc. Unless you have your own knight blob there is no feasible way of catching them. Any infantry/keeps are simply skirted around until they find isolated groups or a players base on the other side of the map who is occupied and can’t bring his forces back in time.

tldr: knight balls are a boring meta that is slowly overtaking every faction. Perhaps a defensive structure that slows cavalry at lease in its aura? Anything to allow the defender who has made the grievous mistake of not spamming their own heavy cav to counter?

Bring the hate bby

i feel u and been there, it sucks tbh, abbasid tend to shine in this situation, very good economy to survive the damage, and camel riders that can catch up to the enemies faster

it does suck for other civs yes, since the only counter is a spearman that is so slow and never catch up to the knights blub

it would be nice if they added ability for infantry to dig trenchs or make the ground muddy to slow down everything that comes in that area, but i highly doubt they’d add such a mechanic


For Mongols it is even harder to stop the knights blubs.

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Its definitley in part to how big the maps are, sometimes u just gotta lancer spam yourself, otherwise mutiple stone wall layers, especially where you arent fighting can at least slow down their advance. Remember iff they have a ### #### of lancers away from their base their base will also be undefended. Do your best to force a fight in your favoured location, else theyll just run circles around you.

That’s partly the problem. The knight blob is so mobile it can return to the base to defend from threats faster than any infantry one could.

I try to multilayer stone walls where possible but the constant wall nerfs doesn’t make it any easier.