Hello developers , 1vs1 win rate? tier list? Next Patch?


Its not exactly right time to present existing quick match results because its way too few games sampled but that applies mostly to civs that got viability left so rankings will change for every civ but not for last one.

So china was effectively killed because developers didn’t bother thinking what will happen to china if they nerf siege. I called this way before the nerf were applied.

Quoting myself saying this “Siege nerf will hurt china most and it will result them to become one of the worst civs from mid tier, but if they target chinas siege specifically (clockwork) china will become unviable civ with no questions asked”

And here we’re. The complains and topics got through to developers that didn’t take into consideration what will happen to civ thats identity is gunpowder and use of it.

They went too far. They given other civs like mongol lot of leeway when it comes down to nerffing them and same with fish or even buffing delhi!?!?! but it escaped their mind that China is the biggest losing civ on this form of patch and didn’t offer any form of compensation or bother fixing the bugs that are plaguing china.

Its been known for months to anyone who actually played AOE4 and paid attention how civs play out that chinas biggest weakness is early and mid game and only start being too strong in imperial when siege is massed yet it escaped anyones mind that maybe china should get at least little buffs while siege gets demolished?

They should’ve started by buffing horses against siege + adding imperial level academy upgrade for horses to make them stronger against siege. This way they would’ve added new counter for siege but nope they had to nerf everything about siege even tho they literally stated that its not their best interest to nerf things but buff.

There are quite a few areas which could get buffed.
Apparently we’ll have to wait. They’ve been trying to fix China since the stress test, and there is still work to do.

I’d like for them to be more dynamic than “try to survive until you get OP siege and then win”, though…


those stats don’t mean anything really, it has been only a day.

I would give it at least 2 weeks till the meta is stable.

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I like Grubby, but this is just too early. After the dheli nerf, everyone freaked out until it found a good spot for certain maps even though it was bug riddled.

Not saying China is fine, but it is hard to tell currently where real issues are and what are rants from players pushed out of their comfort zone.

Issues are know and been known for ages now. Chinese strength lied within their superior siege and clockwork which let them be strong in imperial but before that they had nothing as in there is no specialized techs for infantry, cavalry, archers or no huge economic upgrade advantages or anything like that. Even song boom while its great it doesn’t pay off fast enough its not like HRE, Mongol trade boom or Abbasid cheaper villagers. They just created workers faster but it ate lot more food which slows down the aging and production of military

It wouldn’t be surprising if chinese players started to tower rush more because the increased speed of building.

There is nothing to explore about the civ. While im not saying that there is no unique ways to discover but none of them will have equal strength that other civs got. Even the match I just watched (Hera vs 3DBee) china got absolutely destroyed in first game and only reason why Hera was able to win was due Bee’s mistake and over commitment and not because civ was good enough to come back from that situation. 2nd game was tower rush and Bee used too many workers to kill towers and got them killed and gave up.

And the fact that developers let the patch out without any form of compensation buff to china is disgrace and it will kill aoe4 in long run if they continue the route like this and this will not make aoe4 popularly viable esports.

I don’t get the point of same two screenshots littered across the forum.

1600 (the only bracket that matters when it comes to balance) sample size of 14 Chinese games is not a lot. Players played China like a one-trick pony with bombards. Now we are forced to rethink Chinese strategies.

Also, most Chinese players make huge macro mistakes, allocating too many workers on one type of resource. They can boom quick with Song, but they make mistakes on how to utilize large worker count early on, not to mention not making units at all, having a tunnel vision on economy over military.

Buff Huge Chinese for early and middle game.

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You are so full of crap, using the last two picks from Demus stream. I saw the game live and it was BEFORE the patch in which China was nerfed.
Taking something just to “support” your argument, even its not true is so low.
In the contrary, Demu played Chinese today and won quite some games, was even making some fun of the “China cant win” theme.

So much for you trying to use Demu to support your arguement.