Hello im whaiting for money to start

I3liTzZ aka lordnuno aka United_instict in Age 2 around 20 years Ago

Money to start what?

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I think they are saying they are waiting to get paid to get age of empires 4. While saying they played aoe for a long time. Idk its just my guess.

To play deluxe. Well at the moment im out of money but early ill money at least, if some come pay me a trial peer 2 mouth… i apreciate it.

I would not recommend this game.

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In my opinion the deluxe edition isn’t worth it. Only decent thing was a wolf statue and wolf symbols for your banner. I would save the money and get the base game. You can unlock a lot of stuff for your banner doing faction masteries.

Why not? Its so sublime. At grafics, jogability and if this offer tournements money troffes…
I think deluxe its professional profile.

There is no polish, it’s not clear the developers want to support the game further, Relic hasn’t listened to user feedback. Game is bugged in a number of important ways Nest of Bees are bugged in multiple ways. Looks like a cash grab. See QoL Complaints with AOE4 - #19 by CagierNebula24 for my full list.

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