Hello to all modders

Hello, even though it was simple, I went out of my way to come here as I don’t really do forums, or much of anything online but all that is changing.

This is really an appeal for all the modders out there who want to make factions/civs but need help with historical accuracy. Ideas for the civilizations i.e. techs, unique parts, buildings and units.

To paraphrase Age of Noob we all need to come together as a community as its what’s best for the game. Staying silent in these matters isn’t what is best for the game.

Firstly I’ve played aoe, aoe2 and aom extensively from childhood and I love aoe 4
I am currently doing a History degree. I recently left the infantry after ten years of service, in the Armed Forces and I understand the importance of things such as terrain, tactics, formation, logistics etc. I have travelled all over the world and I have been from an early age as I am not a native English speaker.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to hearing from you all.

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I am a modder, and also done a history degree :slight_smile:
Im not sure you need a degree to make an historical mod. Its nice to have Historical knowledge, but nothing more than a “wink” towards history is required. Monks didn’t convert masses of charging knights in historical events so the game is just a gesture to history rather than historical.
I think an average history enthusiast can do as a good job at making a civ as an historical buff.

I would say the one important thing to keep historical which also requires serious historical knowledge is buildings architecture, and maybe maybe units equipment. The special abilities / units can be figured out by anyone with any interest in history.

Still, I do intend to make new civs, would love your input in the future. Is there a discord channel for aoe4 modders? Age of Noob said he is working with some, if you can direct me to there id love to join


In another post here on the forum, (i think from 3 days ago) about modding, there is a link to a discord channel with modders.
Think that might be something for you.

Found it for you