HELP! AOE 2 DE wont install more than once on same PC even under different user accounts

Please help!!

So, in short, I bought a licence for each family member. However, we sometimes switch machines, so all 3 user accounts are setup on each PC (3). I installed AOE on my MS login account on PC 1. All working great. Switch to other user, they have their own account and licence, MS store tries to install AOE 2 DE but fails to launch. Trying to check if it installed, nope, doesnt want to install. Is there a way we can get AO to work in all user accounts on the same PC?

Do you need to reinstall the game to share it between users on a same machine? I think that if you create a shortcut from the game .exe (or even install the whole game on a public directory) that is available to all users, each one can get to the game from the same installation, only switching accounts on MS to log in.

Excellent thank you for the tip, it didn’t give me an option on where to install, but I see it’s stuck it deep in the appuser folder. I’ll try move the bloody thing to somewhere public, I did just install a new 1tb additional drive, so will try move it to there and see what happens.

I’m not much versed on the MS stuff, but I am pretty sure that you can change the default installation directory/make a secondary library on the options. Also,

Cool thx, I’m trying this now, just my slow ■■■ internet

Tried moving it but the installer sticks things into a protected folder and I can’t get access to it, even as an admin. Seems like it really only installs once on pc within one profile on that pc. You can’t install it to multiple users in Windows, despite that each user has their own licence of the game

Seems that MS is a little restrictive on where you can install apps. I thought of a solution, it is not the easiest, but i think that it can work.

  • First you make a new partition with enough space for DE (around 50GB) on any of your storage drives. The 1TB disk you’ve recently installed should do the work.

  • Then you put this new partition on full acces permissions to all the machine users.

  • At last you install/reinstall or move AoE II DE to that public partition. You can set a download on MS to a storage disk of choice. Settings > System > Storage > Change where new content is saved > Choose preferred installdir.

That sounds promising, thank you for the response. I’ll definitely give it another go, that should work. I’ll let you know how it went, maybe it can help someone else. Back at the office now, so will need to try later. Thank you again.

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Did you try this? I’m trying it again, but windows really locks it down. I’ll keep tinkering to see if I can crack it.

That’s a bummer.

Well, I’ve called Microsft Support and they confirmed to me that the apps on MS will always install on a directory that could never be shared to all the users on the machine. The support attendant recommended me to call the support again with the other account owners (or the other account access, at least) to do some testing and look for where the problem is happening. So I suggest you to do so. Here’s a list for Microsoft Store Support number for several countries, call them and ask for further help. Here in Brazil the calling is free, hope that it is also for your region. If your region does not have a support number on that list reach me again and we can try to figure out other solutions.

P.S.: The users on the machine are local users? If not, I think that making local users could help in some way, I’ve seen other situations where only having a Microsoft Account user on Win 10 limits the user on some features and settings for windows.

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i dunno whats changed but I was able to install the game in 2 accounts on the same pc now. yay, just started working, weird

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I am very glad that it worked!!

Could you reproduce the solution it in any way, just for the sake of being recorded here?