Help fixing 0x80073CF0 when trying to install

I brought AOE DE and so far have not been able to install at all!!!. Took me ages just to get a copy as all in store code purchases didnt work, now I have it and i cant even install it. I have tried windows troubbleshoot tool, reinstalling windows store using powershell and more but nothing is working. Im not going to go to microsoft as last time i did with store issues they wanted to charge me for it and they didnt even fix the issue, Microsoft techs are stupid. Can someone please help me my windows version is 1803 (17134.285)

read before posting

I did read, im sorry if I don’t have Facebook and last issue I saw of this posted in August was resolved

@MochaCoder46622 Today you are receiving error 0x80073CF0 when installing AoE:DE? If so, I’ll pass it along to the team.