Help! I can't upload mods!

I’ve been since yesterday traying to upload a mod of custom civs I made with the Civilization builder web app, and I don’t know what the issue is, but after I submit to publish the mod, the page goes on loading eternally and nothing ever happens, I know Im supposed to get a confirmation that never occurs. When I check in game, my mods are nowhere to be found in the browser.
Please help

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Approximately when was the last time you tried publishing? And what’s the name of the mod? I can check our logs to hopefully see what’s up.

I tried Yesterday around 18:30 my time in Chile, not sure the exact time, and today at around 22:00. The name of the mod was “Lord Thomas All Custom Civs - Data” and “Lord Thomas All Custom Civs - UI”. I do it from my steam acount “Lord Thomas”.

No mods are available for Age1.

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There are a few, the small trees, grid terrain, high contrast items.
But this specifically is for AOE2:DE