Help me build this dumb build idea (russian musk FI)

So one of the new cards for Russia one that turns all you Rekruts (musks) into basically another musk but grant them guard upgrades


now the sane idea would be to just do a normal build with muskets, build a mass of cheap russian musk and then send this card.

But a) thats boring and b) even cheap russian musk still cost gold which slows your progress to get to age 4

so now here the crazy build comes in with this old card

If you can spam strelet as you FI, send Suvorov reforms and them right as you get into age 4 send Milyutin reform then all your strelet jumps to a mass of guard muskets.

sample deck idea anyone got any ideas on building this further


That’s actually brilliant! I’ll have to try this tonight.


Fantastic idea! I also want to try it, although I won’t be able to play for a few days, so I won’t be able to comment soon…

I have 2 questions, if someone could verify, as I can’t right now.

  1. Does “Milyutin reform” enable northern musketeers in blockhouses?

  2. If answer is yes, are northern musketeers still tagged as native warriors after “Milyutin reform”? If so, you could add “Native warriors” card for a 25% cost reduction.

No, unfortunately. It works the same as suvorov reforms - you buff all units once, and that’s it.

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I am by no means a very good player, and in fact in 1v1 I play quite poorly, but I have been playing Russia a bit again recently and I do wonder if one could not perhaps pull off something with the age 1 Homestead Wagon and 7 Sheep card to give you a boost up to Industrial once you hit Fortress. I’m thinking this specifically because Russia lacks Settler shipments, so if you try to run up to Industrial, your economy will be absolutely terrible as I see it. The sheep could also help provide the food you will need for getting your Strelet mass up without slowing down the FI. It’s a solid 2100 food once they’re fat.

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You could get a tp in transition to commerce and send the sheep card I wouldn’t skip distributivism though.

OP, how fast do you want this strat and what’s your usual BO? I was able to get 80 Northern Musketeers at just about 13 minutes on my first attempt and without enemy pressure, but that is probably too slow and the conditions were close to optimal, so with pressure it will be slower. I am really quite curious to know how fast this strat can go.

well im still experimenting. Have only tried this in a casual-esque 3v3 and I still managed to get like 70-80 musket at like 17 mins after losing the ATP attempt and losing like 20 strelet

im thinking ATP since u need enough shipment to send these cards back to back and also send 1k gold in age 3 to age up so a lot of xp is required.

that is like minumum 4 cards needed

Record Game.age3Yrec (11.8 MB)

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I think there’s also potential for an FI with sweden, age up with cheap upgrades for pikes and spam cheap 25w/25f royal guard pikes. Build torps near trees so you get food and wood income. Church card also makes them faster though it’s not necessary.

That game was wild. Where did all those American Heavy Canons come from?!

The way I did it was to send Sheep>Distributivism>700G>1000W>Suvorov>Milyutin

I built a house and a market with my starting wood and made sure to get Hunting Dogs and Steel Traps as I went on. Also Placer Mines and Gang Saw. My ageups were 400W>17 Streltsy>13 Rekruts. That already gives you a solid mass of candidates for Milyutin. Also, as soon as Suvorov hits, don’t stop training units. Just start training Rekruts instead of Streltsy until Milyutin arrives.

The US has a card that reduces heavy cannon train time by 15% and they have the flag so heavy cannon spam is a strat

Interesting its pretty similar to what i did I think the only difference is sheep start vs ATP start will want to test this further

Sheep might be better if you dont have map control