Help me buttons doesnt work (game freeze)

Can someone help me or tell me what is causing this?

In any game mode that involves multiplayer, I can’t even click the button, after clicking, the game freezes a little and nothing happens. This occurs in multiplayer mode and skirmish mode. I’ve tried several methods but I can’t find any solution.

Some observations:

I’ve already tried disabling the Windows firewall.

I don’t have any mods installed (the version I play is the free version on Steam so there’s no way to download mods)

I’ve tried all kinds of graphics settings and resolutions

Game Version 100.15.30007.0F

My computer settings are

Ryzen 5 5600g

2x8 3200mhz

Game installed on a 512GB Kingston SSD

Thank you for sharing your time to help me, I really hope I can solve this annoying error that prevents me from playing with my friends =)

It definitely sounds like a computer issue. Try these steps one at a time:
1.) If on a laptop with graphics card, make sure the laptop is set to only use the GPU instead of integrated graphics while playing the game
2.) If playing on a rig with only integrated graphics, make sure you power settings are set to high
3.) Check for any software updates on your computer
4.) Check any other antivirus programs on your computer to make sure they aren’t interfering
5.) Verify the game files through Steam
6.) Check your in-game settings to make sure they’re set appropriately for your hardware
6.) Reinstall the game

Tried validating the game files ?

Already tried it but doesnt works

Yes, checked all and still doesn’t works unfortunely