HELP ME (Extreme-HARD) The Teutons Civ Celebration Event

(Extreme-HARD) The Teutons Civ Celebration Event

DAY 4 :lock: Survive the Teuton Challenge for 20 minutes
:trophy: Unlocks the Siege Tower filled with Teutonic Knights profile icon.

I Played all 20x how much must i try it again and again please make it small easy…???

DAY 5 :lock: Capture a relic in the Teuton Challenge
:brick: [Mod] Onagers throw Pretzels instead of rocks.

After 20 munites i think it about this how must i find this and how can i attacked the enemies they are much stonger than my army come on why make you a event so strong this is a game you give me not a money or gold in true life right so PLEASE MAKE IT EASY…???


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16-17 minutes is it highest what i can i asked some of my friends and family members they have too highest minutes as me 16-17 minutes, 20 is much high for mostly players of this event… only the masters are good in what i see on youtube videos…

PLEASE make that 20 minutes to 15 minutes???

I Try it and try it but there is no chance 15 minutes must be highest… 20 minutes is much strong for a normal AOE2DE Player

I hope that the team of Age of Empires II DE get make a isseu for day 5 and day 6 with this is very strong for mostly players to get the prise’s…

My cousin played 120 time and this was his best result 19.58 come on The Team Age of Empires II DE day 5 event is too much for mostly do something now do 18 minutes or 19 minutes in place 20 minutes or change the issue of the attacking of enemies???

Yeah it is a little bit challanging in normal settings (especially if you have to study it…).

Try slowing the game speed to the lowest as soon as you start. And use your cuman army and starting onager to kill cyan immediately.

Then you can grab their relic and win the last mission (or attack orange immediately)

20 minutes you should be able to reach spamming pikes and halbs (or teutonic knight with some micro)

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Thank You for tips :wink:

for day 6 relic capture i try it that after day 5 :smiley:

First i must get the day 5 i shall try that pikes and halbs or teutonic knight’s :wink: :slight_smile:

Really Thanks for your tips bro… maybe with your tips i can get it this but i think for mostly people is this really HARD the Team of AOE2DE must to do something :smiley: :wink: