Help Modifying Age Up Display Cost

I’m trying to make a ‘marathon’ tuning pack that drastically extends the duration of the game. I have managed to get the first iteration of this working by simply increasing the population cap slightly and also increasing the cost of each age. The problem I am having is this cost is only displayed if you go into the menu where you chose which landmark you want to build. If you mouse over the new age icon it still says the default values, as well as the in-game notification that alerts you to the ability to enter a new age still happens at the reduced value.

TLDR: I’m having difficulty locating the attribute to change the tooltip for new age cost and the threshold at which notification sounds when you have enough resources to enter a new age.


Editing the cost for levelling up is done directly in the landmark properties themselves you need to do this on tuning packs editor, once you’ve created your pack go into attributes, EBPS and locate and clone all the landmarks buildings then in the extension tab you’ll find cost.ext and you’ll be able to edit these details. Hope that helps