Help! Narrator keeps talking - NOT UI Narrator

Hello, first let me start by emphasizing it is NOT the UI narrator under accessibility options. I thank you for your help.

Anytime I select my Villager units, it repeatedly says out loud:
“What is it, my lord? More work? What?”

Ive only noticed it on Villagers and town center. It seems to be anything that would be seen with Subtitles on, my scouts and other units do not say anything. I spent about 2 hours trying to mess with it last night, even editing a LUA file, but nothing seems to work. I can silence it by turning the Master Volume down, but obviously then i can’t hear anything else.

Here is what I’ve tried:

  1. UI Narrator toggle in Accessibility options
  2. Looked through Keybinds for some accidental press
  3. Tried different civs
  4. Edited configuration LUA file
  5. Confirmed it wasnt my PC narrator
  6. Drinking
  7. Volume sliders, it’s tied to the master, so no way to only mute this guy
  8. Reset all settings.

Nothing else comes to mind quite yet, but if you have any suggestions, pleaes please offer them up

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Uninstalling and Reinstalling now. Will update if this helps.

Fixed it… it was a Mod, and I’m a fool.

Happens to the best, glad you managed to solve your issue :slight_smile: