Help, please

Could you please tell me how can I publish my mod(it’s a map I created by using the editor) so 2 of my friends can subscribe to it. I am not sure how to do that. I don’t want to play it from the “custom scenario” option because settings wouldn’t be the same as an official map or a map that I downloaded from someone. I am thankful to anyone who would help me.


this is sad, tbh…

What’s sad?

There’s a big button at the top of the website that says, “Mods.” I’ve never created or submitted a mod, but I spotted it after 2 seconds of looking; which is where I would’ve looked if I had ever made one. I was planning to go to the giant “Support” button in the menu to see if something was there for you, but saw “Mods” and gave it a try. Looks promising?

And if that’s not what you’re looking for, I guess be patient and see if someone more knowledgeable replies… post in the Mods section of the forum, or look through the Support button to see if anything there is helpful

PS: A subject line that is more clear could help or have helped get a community response, too. Instead of “Help, please”… maybe instead:

  • “How do I publish a mod?”
  • “How do I publish a map for friends?”
  • “Not sure how to publish a map”
  • Etc.

Thank you for the info and the reply. I guess I made a mistake there. I just copied my last post and pasted it here without clarifying the whole point. Sorry for that ;d. I actually know how to publish a mod but the thing is, it shows 0.00 megabytes which basically means the map is empty or there is something wrong.
thanks again for your reply

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The sad thing is there is no tutorial anywhere on how to actually get that to work… I’ve searched a lot recently.

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I don’t know if you still need help, but here is how you do it. Open your mod directory. The easiest way to do this is to go in game, to the scenario editor menu. Don’t open any scenarios, instead click the button “Open Scenario Folder”. This will open a new menu. In this, find your scenario, and copy it. Now, go up three folders, into the folder with the really long string of numbers. In this, there should be four sub folders. Click the one titled “Mods”, then go into “Local”. Create a new mod with the title of your map, or whatever you want to share. Now create, inside that new folder, the file path “resources>common>scenario”, all lower-case. Inside that final folder, copy in your scenario. Now go back to the original mod directory. Select everything in this, and zip it. I personally use 7zip for this, but it is up to you. Now you have it zipped, go to the mod page in the post above. Click that submit a mod button, fill in all the detail, and attach your zip. Hopefully this helps, and isn’t just a repeat of something you already know.

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