Help understanding what 'infantry' means

When it says a unit has a multiplier vs ‘infantry’, does that mean it gets the multiplier versus both heavy AND light infantry? For example, ‘Elmetto’, it says 3x multiplier versus ‘infantry’. Do they get this bonus versus muskets AND skirms, or does ‘infantry’ refer to ‘light infantry’ only, and they don’t get the bonus versus heavy infantry?

Short answer: yes

Long answer: lets explain tags

Tags in the game are independent from one another, if a unit has an heavy infantry tag but no infantry tag for example( this doesnt occur in the game) then it will only take bonus against that which specifically mentions “Heavy Infantry” and ignores all bonus mentioning “Infantry”

Infantry is a separate tag from heavy or light infantry.

So for the “Shock Infantry” line

They dont have the infantry tag so they wont receive bonus damage from things like cannons.

Heavy and light infantry for the most part (besides old bugs) all also have “Infantry” tag so they both take bonus damage from things like cannons and lancers because of the “Infantry tag”


Note that there are units with “Infantry” tag but no Heavy or Light infantry tag like militia units


these units will only take bonus damage from things that deal bonus damage to “Infantry” and ignore bonus mentioning Heavy or light Infantry

so just read the tags if you are ever confused