Help with minimum game requirements AoE 4


AoE 4 requires at least these requirements.
You will advise me, you will help me.

I do it!

AoE 4 minimum requirements .

  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

  • ** OS: ** Windows 10 64bit

  • ** Processor: ** Intel Core i5-6300U

  • ** Memory: ** 8 GB RAM

  • ** Graphics card: ** Intel HD 520

  • ** DirectX: ** Version 12

  • ** Hard disk: ** 50 GB of free space

My PC:

  • ** OS: ** Windows 10 64bit

  • ** Processor: ** Intel Core i5-4590 CPU 3.30Ghz.

  • ** Memory: ** 16 GB RAM

  • ** Graphics card: ** Nvidia GeForce GTX 960

  • ** DirectX: ** Version 12

  • ** Hard disk: ** 500 GB of free space

Thank you for your help and advice.

Or if the pc needs to be improved.

Thanks to all

I assume you should be able to play, but barely, because your CPU is an older i5.
I would advice upgrading CPU if you want to have a completely smooth experience, or try it out first. Not sure how high your i5 can go regarding your Motherboard, so I would say try the game out first, unless you want it to look stunning and play well, you should be fine.

Oh no.

It will probably be best to buy a new pc

I can not advise you to do that just to play the game. At least wait for the beta (although it seems you are not an age insider?) and maybe you will be able to check if the game still runs on your machine.

I ran age 3 with much lower hardware than the specs and it still worked fine, although FPS were not that great.
Depending on how fast you could get a new PC, and how important playing day one is for you, I would advise trying it out first.

but if you want to play at 4k res on highest details, an upgrade is advisable.

No. There is no need to upgrade. Your CPU is much better than the one from the minimum requirements. You are comparing a 2 core mobile CPU (6300u) vs a 4 core desktop CPU (4590) with a higher clock speed.


Thank you and my graphics are better too?

Yeah, graphics requirement is dirt poor low


how do you think i have better graphics than the game requires?

The minimum requirement is intel integrated graphics, basically anything can run it, lol


I’m pretty sure the minimum requirements are not final.

The GPU is the Integrated GPU of the CPU listed.
No AMD CPU listed, no Desktop Intel CPU.
No AMD or Nvidia GPU listen.

It looks like they listed the stats of the “worst” computer they got the game running smoothly on.
But minimal requirements are still a vague term because we don’t know which resolution and how man FPS in the end.
AoE2 was limited to 20 FPS but would you count that as “good enough” for AoE4 nowadays?

The most definite limitation we have is that your GPU needs to support DirectX 12.

It does

sorry, I misssed that tiny little U :open_mouth:
you are right then, of course

So we all agreed that I can play the game with my pc requirements.

Thank you for the constructive discussion


What you can expect when not meeting the minimum requirements is :

  • game crash on launch
  • in-game crashes/bugs
  • no related support

So you meet the minimum requirements, the rest is all about speculation before the game release. Buy a more powerful PC would still be better @BeetleRock203671. Maybe just simply be patient to watch if the quality/performance provided by your PC is according to your expectation/budget :wink:

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You guys surely complicate things so much when giving advice lol.

@BeetleRock203671 your PC is better than the minimum requirements, so don’t worry, you should be able to play it well. We still don’t know the recommended requirements, which will give us an idea of how broad will be the difference between low graphics and ultra graphics, but I think you will be fine for starters.

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Hi, if you were considering an improvement, I would improve the Graphics Card on the GTX 1650 to have 4K resolution support.

That would probably be reasonable, wouldn’t it?
Advise me Graphics I already have in the e-shop

Well, that would be an improvement of course (especially if you really want that 4K support), but if I were you, I would wait a bit more until they release the recommended requirements so we can have a better picture of what will AoE IV demand more for a better mid-high quality experience: graphics card or processor.

Take in mind that your processor is clearly superior to the required one, but your graphics card is straight immensely superior to the integrated Intel they ask for. That’s why I think maybe the game will require far more processor than graphics card. Overall you are more than fine when we compare your PC with the minimum requirements, so you haven’t to be in a hurry for upgrading for now.