Help with Mission 6 of the Attila the Hun Campaign

I’m on the sixth and final scenario of the Attila the Hun campaign, and it’s quite frustrating for me to start myself up.

Shortly after the game begins, one city builds a wonder, and that’s something that pressures me. Also, I get constantly harassed by enemies even when I’m trying to build up a base. These enemies are powerful for my units, and there’s so many enemies in the area.

How do I complete this mission, and effectively set up a base with good defenses against the numerous enemy cities in the area?

Just use the AoE2 wiki for basic coverage on how to play most of the scenarios. The Fall of Rome | Age of Empires Series Wiki | Fandom should be the link to the campaign you are doing. Hope this helps.

Use the trebuchets you get at the start to snipe the wonders of Patavium and Aquileia as soon as they start building them.
At the start of the game send the trebuchets and your army north around the mountains. Then send one treb down to snipe Patavium’s wonder, the rest keep going north towards Aquileia. After you have sniped Aquileia’s wonder from the left side of the city (ignore towers’ fire on the trebs) destroy also their town center so that after a little while Aquileia resigns.
This way the scenario becomes less stressful, and it’s the start to try for the “No Wonder on my Watch” achievement.

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There is a lot of gold in that map (Attila Mision 6). You can easily win the game on Hard difficulty by following these steps:

Part 1:

  • Wall your Settlement and Build a Castle in front. (make sure your walls cover the gold deposit to the left, the AI won’t bother to attack so intensely that area if you don’t have more buildings beyond the walls.)
  • Build 3/4 TC’s and spam lots Villagers. Reach at least 35 farmers and 15+ gold miners.
  • Send 5/6 Villagers as early as possible to the right-side of the map to collect stone (my mining camp never gets attacked by some miracle :slight_smile: )

Part 2:

  • Research all Blacksmith Upgrades, and the technology to delay Wonder victories.
  • Make 6 Stables, and spam Cavaliers/Paladins. (don’t be afraid to spend your gold, there is A LOT in the map of Attila Mision 6).
  • [OPTIONAL] You can make around 20 Heavy Cavalry Archers to support to Paladins if you want (but only after you have a large army).
  • Don’t worry so much about using your early Trebuchets. Obviously try to keep them alive, since they are valuable, but focus on massing Paladins to win the big fights near your initial castle(s). Then add Heavy Cavalry Archers to support your army and push forward (defeat one AI opponent at a time). If you have a large army of Paladins with Cavalry Archers, the AI will melt way before you approach the time limit of Wonder defeat. (just attack the AI which is closer to winning).
  • Use 4-5 Trebuchets to snipe AI Castles and Gates. Don’t bother running under Castle fire… it’s not worth it, although you could technically win using Paladins.

PS. I wish I had recorded the strategy in-game.

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