Help with my specs?

Hello everybody

I Want to buy AOE 3 DE, but i dont know if my specs is to play en HIGH graphics

I have

Intel i5 9400
16 GB DDR4 2666
GTX 1650 4GB GDDR5

my question is the gpu, is a GTX 1650 enough to play en high graphics?

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Yes, you can play with high gra

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Yes you won’t have any problem with the game, don’t worry with that. You can buy the game and enjoy it!

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Oh thank you so much for the answers

aaa and im sorry for my bad english haha.

Wow, I’d like to have that on my computer.
Could you write down how many fps you get in low/medium/high graphics?

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provided you play on 1080P this set up should not have any issues running the game.

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Yes, my monitor is 1080p !

Today I installed the game, everything is very fluid in high (some parameters were placed in “medium” by default)

but my 1650 works 100% and goes up to 70 ° in minutes hahaha

cap the game frame rate to your monitor refresh rate and enable vertical sync

I did that! the verticula SYNC for 60 ftps, my monitor is 60hz refresh

but i think that gtx 1650 is 95 o 100% because the game in HIGH needs a lot resources of gpu

but is ok, as the temperature does not exceed 70 °

Thank you very much for your help on this topic.

Let me just add something quick here:

Yes, technically you could keep Vertical Sync on, live with your capped 60fps and call it a day.
But playing in a competitive scene, people usually grap every fps they can get. It doesen’t matter your monitor refresh rate is at 60Hz, each frame you get when you play with uncapped frames and VSync disabled makes your game feel smoother, since the additional frames kinda “fill in the gaps between”, if that makes sense.
That is oversimplified of course, but I believe you could benefit from it.

Then again, it is completely up to you. Just my two cents :slight_smile:

Then you would get a high refresh monitor (144Hz) and a high end GPU that can run the game at 144fps.

There are things to consider with uncapped frames with no vertical sync.

  1. GPU will run at 100% usage (however i think the max fps in aoe3 is 144fps though i am not sure), will you be able to cool it so it does not thermal throttle
  2. You may get screen tearing(depending on freesync/g sync), will this affect my game play.
  3. With higher frames will it increase the CPU load and affect performance, will you have cooling issues.
  4. Increased heat from GPU and CPU, are you using a laptop that can overheat.

As a default try with capping your FPS with your monitor and enable vertical sync, then after playing a few games turn vertical sync off and uncap the frame rate.

Test which methods works best for you and your hardware.

Rts is playable at 60 fps just fine.

hey guys! the game at 60 fpts is great!! very smooth,

but the problem is mi GPU, I generally don’t like it to go over 70º and with AOE3 DE in some moments it reaches 75º

I limited the frames to 50ftps, and the temperature is 72º

my GPU is a Asus Dual OC (double fan), I do not understand why it passes 70º

75 degrees is fine, don’t worry about it.

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Is this a laptop? Or a desktop ?

Hi! its a deskop PC.

maybe as they say 73 or 75 degrees is not a big problem

in the past… I was used to a R7 260x that never went over 70 ° in full load. But this is other gpu

thanks for the support!! :slight_smile: