Help with Scenario 1 of the Attila Campaign

I’ve just started a new campaign in AoE2: DE (the Attila the Hun campaign), but I’ve been having trouble establishing my base. I gave tribute to the Persians, but they still turned on me in the end. I also don’t have efficient units and don’t know how to defend my base effectively. What do I do?

Knights + cav archers should be great for defending your base.

I didn’t reach that level. I was focused on trying to level my base up and increase its resources.

Rush Persians with the Tarkans you get at the beginning. I think there’s still that exploit that allows you to keep all starting hunnic units including Bleda

You need to try and age up to castle age fast. Don’t pay the persians, and instead try to use your starting units to save the vills in the Roman camp, that way you’ll have more vills to grow you economy.

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No this one has been fixed.

I don’t think you can become allied with Persians at all.

The best strategy to beat the mission is as follows:

1- help Bleda kill the boar (let him be attacked first)
2-when he ambushes you kill him and then run away to the camp
3- you will get his base and all the tarkans, start producing vills while sending your army down the outpost trail
4-go straight in the Roman camp, free the villagers and the green light cavalry (don’t kill it)
5- ally with the Scythians, send them 10 horses to get some mangudai
6-destroy the red gate near your base and kill the villagers there so you can get the gold for yourself.
7- For defenses building a castle near the shallows in front of the Persian base is the best location, but having one in front of your base is fine too.

How do I give the Scythians horses, and where do I leave them?

You will find horses scattered around the map, and will have to bring them to a palissade pen marked with green flags once the Scythians ask you for 10 horses.