Help with Scenario #2 of the Tariq Ibn Zayid Campaign

I’ve just completed the first campaign of the Tariq Ibn Zayid campaign, and now I’m on the second scenario. However, the second scenario begins were I must capture the city of Toledo, and that’s extremely difficult for me to figure out. When I try capturing the city with all my forces at once, I keep dying. It’s also hard with all those guard towers in the city. My question is how do I successfully capture the city before the other enemy cities start providing reinforcements?

The key to capturing the city is to have all your ranged units on a control group and your melee ones on another one, and use the ranged units to hit and run enemy guards and bait them into your melee army. Use the rams to killthe watch towers after luring away all guards in an area.

Control groups are extremely useful in campaigns indeed. Also don’t hesitate to use the active pause.