Help with the Scenario 3 of the Attila Campaign

I’m on the third scenario of the Attila campaign, and I’m having difficulty in defending my fort from the neighboring green city. I have few resources, and every time I try building up, the enemy keeps harassing me. What do I do? My base is close to the green city, and the enemies keep harassing me as I’m trying to replenish my resources.

Build a castle just northeast of your TC, mine stone close and do it quick as possible. No hardships after this.

A castle is generally the best way to deal with the AI in campaigns. Alternatively building a number of CA work well too since green only spams men-at-arms and scouts,no huskarls. When taking out green, destroying their town center is sufficient to cause a resign.

If you dont want to build a castle, i would still build a tower on your stone mines to protect from red’s archer raids

Harass them first.

The scenario isn’t for building slowly your army. You need to start harassing them first.

Train some scouts supported by some skirms as soon as the game starts, so you don’t have problems for the gold. The green and red players aren’t that strong, and if you start picking out small groups of units and vills, with time you’ll weak them enough. When you get gold, add knights to your composition.

As for the the green player, just try to trick him into opening the gates for you, then once inside you’ll see that it’s not that strong.

Keep training vills, and with every food and wood that you have add trash units.

go south to the stone piles with your vills and build a tc, meanwhile use ur tarkans and monks to kill greens units in the north and also creat knights unitl ur out of res. Than attack his gate( he will come for u), u sneak in while leaving a unit on stand ground to keep the gate open and harass their vills, kill the docks to get gold, the normal drill

I did this yesterday! And it also surprised me how quickly aggressive green was. I sent all villagers to wood and gold, made CA (with all upgrades) and a couple of rams, and held green in his base. I then started my eco up and running.

I hope this helps!