Help with unit info

Hi there, its there a way to see bonus damage and armor type and that stuff from every unit in the game?
I have a mod, but its not on my language, so it would be nice if there is an ingame option to see that information.


No, for some reason, the developers haven’t included all the information of all units in the game with full language support. Afaik, only mods in English have that feature.

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I would like to have that information somewhere, like an unit chart outside a match, or right click on an unit portrait for a small window or something like that.

Thanks for the answer.

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Yeah, it kind of sucks that important game information is not present in-game already. Also the user interface for units is bit too simplistic imo.

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Aside from the mod, the information is available (and probably the mod is taking from) aoe2’s fandom wikipedia. Age of Empires Series Wiki | Fandom

If you need it in non-English language, I suppose the browser can translate it for you instead and it’ll relatively understandable? Though it doesn’t seem like an english mod would be… troublesome for you to understand? Or is this mod you’re speaking of in a non-English language? Because there is an Extended Tooltip mod or something like that, which is in English.

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Other than the wiki, can give you a lot of stats, just select a unit, and click the Advanced button. Should also support multiple languages.