I’m in Castle age and my opponent is right in front of my gates. He has trebuchets, paladins and macwast!!! Help, what do I do???

Probably resign by the sounds of it. What’s the third unit?

It’s macwast, that thing that shoots and screams!!!

What? Are you being serious here?

Okay, I managed to fend off his attack, I listened to “Beat it” by Michael Jackson and it was effective. But now PETARDS ARE TEARING DOWN the walls… I’m doomed…

Mate just had the wildest ride of his life, it seems.

“Researching Herbal Medicine” one too many times will do that to ya.



What is a macwast?!?

Google tells me MacWaste is a waste management company, which is… strangely fitting. We need some of that here. 11

The thing that shoots and screams apparently.

Paladins are killer bees with stings made of steel. One of them stabbed a female villager in the back and she was gonna get married soon. What is there to do??? nothing, nothing, there’s no way out, just like that woman sang “there will be no white flag upon my door” because it’s hunt ot be hunted. What Have I done wrong? can you tell me?

STOP archer rushing me. I don’t have a proper counter for it. Just two skirmishers who make everything worse because now the archers go to call their friends and come back with SEVEN! Why can’t I have a breakthrough? Why is this game so hard?