Herding 8 Livestock for the Challenge

I’ve herded 8 livestock back to my town center in a SP game, but was not rewarded for it. How far do I have to go to herd them?

You must have 8 alive sheep type animal.

So, only the sheep will count? Not just any herdable animal?

I did say sheep type animal which means herdable. But did you have them all alive?

Yes. I even sent them far from my town center. I herded 4 sheep and 4 goats and no reward.

It must be a some sort of bug.

I clicked on event, then let it direct me to single player game with appropriate settings and in that game I collected 8 sheep and sent them to town center (didn’t kill them). Then I resigned and got reward as promised. I think, that it doesn’t matter where you send your sheep, as long as you own them all at the same time.