Here's how to Nerf Sweden Back to Reality

Sweden is S+ tier again, and it’s not just the Hackapellits that’s taking them there.

It’s the +1 villager -100f start that lets them get so much momentum and not have to get as much food and focus on wood instead for non-stop torps - this is an undisputed fact.

That villager pays for itself in just under two minutes and is essentially a 200f boost by the time they get to age 2 - and counting.

Here’s how to fix it:

  • Remove 1 Villager at start, add 100f crate

Currently the Hackapellit costs 10% more than a goon but has 3x the hand attack and more speed, as well as a higher base HP. It’s unique tags also make it harder to counter than traditional goons.


  • Reduce base damage by 2
  • Reduce Range by 1
  • Increase cost by 5f and 5c.

Without the momentum of the first settler, only tiny nerfs are needed to the Hackapellit.


Those Swedish players who even all have the same deck are so boring and they all do the same thing every time and almost always win like this, I would say little originality and few skills to get a great game meh.


Lmao Sweden S+ tier, if you think that do you even try to scout mines? Sweden is the easiest to counter civ and deserves something to be competitively viable. No. Just no.

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the only part i wouldn’t nerf her is range, but thats in order to reduce the overnerf, otherwise the suggestion is on point, the start disadvantage would correct the strength later by effectively delaying the swedish age up to hakkapelit, also, since you already know what swedish player will attempt, you can prepare for it very effectively, regardless of civ used


Sweden is S+ right now, and that’s that. It’s so obvious it hurts.


Sorry but imo hakka should be more in line with a dragoon than a hussar. Reduce its hand dmg to 15 from 30 and adjusts its multipliers back to original dmg but instead of dealing dmg to all cav it should just be hand cav. Boost its range to 12 so it doesn’t get kited so easily. What makes hakka op is that it counters its counter. In melee, skirms and dragoons get obliterated.