Heroes and special units with abilities - inventary and random items in world for special units and more creeps (bandits ie)

I would love a realistic medieval rts game with some Warcraft 3 game features, Warcraft 3 (and Starcraft 2 ) those are really good rts games, Warcraft is medieval fantasy and Starcraft scify, those games are very balanced competitive in always updating, despite Warcraft 3 Reforged launch mistake, developers made a huge graphic overhaul, they launch Reforged halfway, the second part is going to be the battle.net profile and multiplayer quick match system improved to make Warcraft 3 back to it’s glory days, fans got pissed mostly due the devs took off the classic battlenet system and put a long temporary basic battlenet system, Well that is about Warcraft rts is another topic, although I think is good to make it know, launching half-develop games is such terrible mistake I hope AOE IV would not make

So to the point, how good it would be to have special hero units who have special stats, abilities, can level up and also get items as special gear found drop in world map

Also it could be a nice addition to have more creeps such as bandits, bandit camps, etc. so one can go to “farm” them get their gold and items (if they have), or if your base is near them they could go to try to attack and pillage you, the only creeps in AOE 2 are animals why not to add some humanoids?

A little bit of micro abilities is ok in my opinion, but it should be kept to a minimum as to not change the aoe feeling too much.


No please, Heroes are always OP, turn the game into a micro-fest, and make it a MOBA.

Heroes are one of teh worst things to ever happen to RTS, which is why Starcraft 2 Ladder does not have any.


This is the worst feature they could ever add into AoE. It’s Age of Empires, not Warcraft.


A leader type of unit, sure, like warchiefs or Bolivar.

A Hero with the ability to turn battles in his favour no.


this is soooooooo unlike age of empires franchise!!
age of mythology is an spin off of age of empires with heroes and spells and myth units, which is fun to play since they built the whole game around it. but we dont need to bring things like that in age of empires too!
a few abilities like charge attack for cavalry heroes and ciritcal attack and things like that would be acceptable since they are somewhat realistic and not too far from home, but having spells and killing creeps and farming gold and items is so unlike age of empires!


AoM heroes aren’t even that bad in context, they are just stronger units that you can only build one of

This suggestion sounds like an expansion of the explorer/treasure system in AoE3(The feature I dislike the most in that game) or a direct port of Warcraft III(While it is an RTS it is not similar to AOE in many ways at all), I do not think they should do this, and if it is in the game I won’t buy it - I can play DOTA if I want to farm creeps for gold


Such game kind of exist already and for free.

just go to steam and try out SpellForce 3: Versus Edition

Exactly it would make more sense in Age of Mythology 2.

I never said spells, AOE is a realistic medieval rts of course would be terrible to have magic, I said abilities to units or special units for example abilities to boost in some way the battle field and/or units or do some extra damage to units, etc., of course those should not be overpowered, and should be based on realism (a better weapon, improved tech, etc), you should take your time to read the post before comment back, I never said something about adding magic to AOE that would be terrible I agree

Too much RPG-esque for an Age of Empires game imo. Special units with abilities is ok and can even make the game more dynamic, but equippable artifacts and an inventory… ugh, that doesn’t fit at all.

If you like that kind of RPG-esque RTS, I recommend you Heroes of Annihilated Empires.

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This is a big problem for balancing game if you start to add hero in age of empire if its not build around it, in my opinion if you have civilisation with very good hero you need to nerf army etc it not fit at all age of empire serie,

Iam very scary , why they did this mechanic blizzard know it and did not add it in starcraft2.
Aoe2 is major sucess aoe3 and aom have far less sucess but they gonna start to make again the same mistake it even cancel the chapter of the game when you have very little army and you try to micro you opponent, but with hero you need to make many abilities to perfectly balance this chapter of the game
you think it create mor strategy but no it cancel so many.

Aoe3 have only the name for tell us its an age of empire game but it will still be an error to make hero in multiplayer game if the game is not build around them