Hey Devs - You know when you reply to anything on these forums? Keep doing that!

Just how much red tape is there for devs to send out messages to the players?

How much of your time and effort does it take to tell us you’re here and that you care, you’re just a little busy with other things?

Everyone from noob to pro, from forum participants to silent readers, from polar opposite differences of opinion on balance absolutely - literally everyone - LOVES when you simply just communicate with us.

A little bit of client engagement is an amazing way to keep your customers happy and excited rather than sad and in a state of despair and uncertainty!


Hey @LevitexIslam , sorry! I’ve been on vacation to verify my Mexican research. :wink: As you can hopefully see we’ve been all in the kitchen to cook some exciting news for you guys. Before that, I think you can imagine there was literal red tape on our mouths :sweat_smile:


Hmmm Mexican research?

Mayans confirmed :grin: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You know, that biggest Age of Empires civilization ever!


Haha yes. Just wasn’t sure if this was referencing checking up on old work or new work🤔

Does this could mean you (as devs) are now more free to chat with us?
Miss yours interactions in the discord… Lots of super interesting stuff when that happened :eyes:

Indeed, the greatest civilization ever, so great that it also included other civs in it too :grinning:

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They said it! They said it! I knew! Since I started playing this game I dreamt with have Mexico as a civ, but then it was just a dream. It’s awesomely made! Thank you!

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We are not two and a half months away from the original post and we have not had any devs responding or communicating even just once a week that I know of.

You had this in the palm of your hands, why does the ball keep getting dropped for this game? Why?

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If I had to guess, their bosses are screaming at them “DON’T SAY ANYTHING! WE’RE WORKING ON A NEW DLC AND WE WON’T TOLERATE EVEN THE SMALLEST NDA VIOLATION!” Obviously there are things that could be said with violating that, but a sufficiently substantial pressure campaign would probably make the devs nervous to say anything about the game. That’s just a guess though.


Developers constantly promise things that they then break, unfortunately I think we can’t trust them anymore. :pensive:

If this is true, then they should not make promises that they cannot keep. :unamused:

I would like to bring words of encouragement and hope, but with the questionable decisions of these months, the lack of communication from the developers and the clear drop in forum activity, I don’t think there is anything left to hold on to.

I know that some will think of the new civilizations of the future DLC, but in my opinion that “DLC” does not bode well. It has no date, it has no trailer, as far as we know that was something improvised just to silence us for all the times we complained about being ignored in past events.

I genuinely hope I’m wrong, I hope that the vast majority of the team that left for AOMR returns and everything returns to normal, both in the forum and in the game, but given the current situation, I think sooner rather than later. AOE3DE will be abandoned in favor of the new AOMR.

I hope to be wrong. :pensive:


I was trying to reach a dev on discord but message could not be sent due to not being friends, so i figure rather than tagging them all in discord it’d be better to post here. It would be nice to hear anything please.

Guys, until late year we wont get the DLC. Meanwhile 1-2 patches could be possible.

That it’s all.

It’s not the devs job to communicate but the WE community team and as we’ve seen they have no interest in improving communication for this game.