Hi Devs: [QoL Request] Hotkey Improvement Summary

Devs, please add these to your log:

  1. Sub-group Isolation: The following would be very helpful. Bear with me while I try to explain the request. If you select multiple types of units, e.g. pikemen and archers, in the “sub-menu” of the main panel (boxes that list the units), there is a white outline around the blue box labeled “all”. You can then “tab” it to each kind of unit, and the white outline will show this. So far so good. Meanwhile you can also Control-Click (with mouse) to select only one of the sub-units, e.g. pikemen, which is done by clicking on the acutal box of that unit type. Or you can Shift-Click to remove the pikemen from the mix alternatively. So far, this is all very good. But you need to move your mouse cursor from the battlefield to accomplish this, in order to click on the tiny box. Could we have a remappable hotkey that does each of these actions without the mouse? e.g. tab to the pikemen, type “~” (tilda) and you get only the pikemen, or Shift+Tilda and remove pikemen from the mix. [Note: If this is already possible, then we have a new problem, which is this information is not listed anywhere!]
    [Note I thought Ctrl+Enter and Shft+Enter would be logical. But the Tilda can be done with your left hand which is better since the whole point is to avoid letting go of the mouse. But regardless, it would be remappable.]
    [Note I have a workaround below from AHK.]

  2. Sub-group Control Group Functionality: Also useful would be the following: Right now, if I have a mix of pikemen and archers, and the white outline is on “All”, and I press Control+1 or Shift+1, all the pikemen and archers are in group 1. Very good. Now, if I tab over to pikemen (so that the white outline is around the pikemen box), and then type Control+1, I get the same result. It would great if when I tab to the pikemen and press Control+1, only the pikemen are in that group, and then tab to archers and press Control+2, then only archers are in group 2. Then perhaps tab back to All and I could hit Control+3 (which all units would be in). Please this would great!

  3. Separate Hotkey for cycling “Relic Holding Buildings” from “Monk Manufacturing”. This is especially important for HRE, where all the buildings able to hold a relic are included in Select-All Monasteries. This is useless and very annoying. It includes all outposts, docks, stone towers, keeps, etc. And not the ones holding the relics, just ones “able to hold relics”. Instead, for Select-All Monasteries, have it only select all the “Monk Manufacturing” buildings for that hotkey (Regnitz too). Meanwhile, a new separate hotkey for buildings actually holding relics would be useful to find them. Not just for HRE where I want to move them around for the bonus, but for chinese where I might want to transfer them to a pagoda. Frankly, the current HRE setup which is a hotkey for possible relic holders can be eliminated. Is there any reason one would need that?

  4. Please have option for Select All Scouts. I assume this would apply to Khan. Would be nice if Khan could do Pro-Scouts too.

  5. Please consider Removing Scouts (like monks) from All Military. No one needs them dying in battle. If I have them queued up doing pro scouts and select All Military, I have to Shift-Click to remove them everytime or they are walking around the battlefield with a deer carcass. [You can have an exception for Mali, though it would be better if the exception only kicked in after you upgrade them the first time.]

  6. Hotkey for Select All Monks please.

  7. Would be nice to have Cycle Landmarks back. If I select all landmarks and tab to the one I want, and hit focus, it focuses on the nearest one of the four. [Thought the idea in (1) above would solve this too.]

  8. Cycle Pit mines: There is no hotkey for the new pit mines!

  9. Select All Buildings: Note there is always something you didn’t think of, and one workaround for all my above units is the select all units, where I can Control+Click monks, or traders, or scouts, or sheep carcasses if I want. If we had select all buildings, a player could do the same thing, e.g. with the pit mines. Maybe even inlcude wall segments!

  10. Cycling Traders: This would be useful for the French when toggling resources. Currently toggling the french traders is a pain.

  11. Select-All Traders: Use this all the time to redirect to different home markets, or to garrison in castle.

  12. Select-All Trade Ships: Would need to be different than above obviously.

  13. Please Remove Docks from All Military: Many people use the All Military for a Rally Point, and you need to remove docks each time or the boat rally points are all screwed up, with fishing ships and trade boats on shore trying to rally to the land battle. Finally, the reason the docks are in there is presumably because of military production. But I just use Select All Docks anyway. [Note I have a workaround below from AHK.]

  14. You basically fixed the tribute panel. But do consider making it have hotkeys without clicking, like in the market, so you can just hold down the key. I recognize it could not be as simple as the A, S, D and Z, X, C because there can be up to 3 or even 6 allies and 4 resources each and up and down. The menu could be tab-able so you could tab to each resource of each ally (or use the for arrow keys) and then the + and - keys would work on that resource for that ally. (But your current fix in the PUP is probably sufficient. Thanks!)

  15. Please add Abbey of Kings to All-Military Buildings. *(Also, in the campaigns, you can put a relic in the Abbey of Kings which could be a cool add, so the english could get the Regnitz effect of double gold if they put it in there. Another reason to build it. It is a religious building after all.)

  16. Please add King to All Military.

  17. Please add Galleas to All Naval military. Currently it shows up in all military which I assume is a bug. Please remove it from All Military as well.

  18. Also Grand Galley to All Naval military, and remove it from All Military for same reason.

  19. Add Grand Galley to All Military School hotkey if it has been upgraded. It does not show up there. Non-upgraded Grand Galleys would not show up.

  20. Please add Russian Monks to All Militiary. I thought this was done in one of the patches but it seems not. Alternatively, (6) above would suffice.

  21. Please add Mehmed Imperial Armory to All Siege Workshops and All Military Schools. It does fortunately show up in All Military Buildings which is nice.

  22. Please add Cycle Transport Ships: You might think this is frivolous, but I have this problem very often on water maps. I have TWO or more transport ships which makes sense, and they are not together, one is far away dropping off vills and a monk somewhere while the other is transporting the soldiers. I can select them all but if I focus on them, it will just be the middle of the ocean. I can have them all sail to one place but that is not efficient. I basically have to hunt for them in the current setup. [This should include Grand Galleys too.]

  23. Please add new Wyngard Footmen to All Military. Also, not important, but they are tied to MMA, so if you Select All Units and Ctrl+Click MMA or Footmen, you get both, which is fine.

  24. Please add Guard move (G in grid) to the move choices for military. This is not just a hotkey I know, but a whole new mechanic. But I know you can program it, becuase it works with sheep following the Scout. You can have a Treb “herd” a bunch of pikemen which just means they will follow it where it goes which is good enough for me.

Thanks for reading!

AutoHotKey Workaround
  • This workaround is using AutoHotKey (AHK) if you are familiar with it. You could probably achieve it other ways too.
  • My workaround is NOT sufficient so I hope Devs do consider what I wrote above. Regardless, I have a script (attached text file).
  • One problem with this workaround is it brings your cursor down to the small boxes. It is useful for at least one of the first two boxes or so. But counting boxes might be more trouble than just doing the Ctrl+Click, especially for Monks. Also, this does not help with the QoL request in (2) or using the Tab feature at all.
  • Note that the pixel coordinates I use might be based on my monitor settings. So you may have to adjust them. AHK has the Windows Spy feature to find the coordinates.
  • Note that in the remappable settings, you might need to remove some of the settings, so there are no conflicts.
  • One way I have used this is to Select-All Units and then remove the first box repeatedly until the unit (such as monks) is in the first box, and then I can Win+1 to select it.

AoE.txt (3.4 KB)

This was requested a long time ago

From the most basic thing that aoe2 does: which is, only select villagers by holding down Ctrl + click, or something like that