Hi Devs: QoL Request Please: "Evacuate" destroyed building to rally point & Rams Melee Toggle

Please add these to your log:
-(1) Example: So if I have an outpost with 5 villagers in it and I set the rally point on the TC (or really anywhere) and I click Ungarrison they will go to that rally point, either garrisoning in the TC or standing where I sent them. However, if the building is destroyed they will just pop out and die as they stand there where the building was. It would be really great if there was a feature where when the building is destroyed (or deleted) any garrisoned units would automatically rally to the rally point if one is set. e.g. I could have 3 outposts, As each is destroyed the 5 villagers would evacuate to the next one if I set the rally points accordingly.

-(2) Rams: Similarly, can we have a toggle for Rams, so if we fill it with pikemen, we can set the toggle to “exit on melee damage” so that the minute the ram is attacked by melee (such as horsemen), the units inside automatically pop out and defend it? This would be awesome. This would be a reason to put guys in it. They get protected from arrows until they are needed to protect the ram itself. Currently, there is no point to putting them inside.

Thanks for reading.