Hide objectives HUD option

Please give us the ability to hide the objective/quests HUD in multiplayer. It’s unnecesary for most players to portray the same objectives over and over in competitive matches, and also it’s annoying to lose 1/6th of our screen size to that UI.



yeah i looking for this too… i sick with notification “Build Wonder or capture sacred site” why we need this if we can saw sacred site in mini map.

Yeah, the objectives showing all the time just gets in the way. It’s not hard to remember that you have the same two objectives every game. (I got tired of seeing them after just one or two games in theTech Stress.)

And even if the objectives vary or will vary a lot in future game updates, the player should still have the ability to hide them unless and until they want to see them again.

I like that you had to click to view them in AoE2, but that AoE2’s overall solutuon was not the most efficient or user friendly. A better way should be devised for AoE4 where you don’t need to stop what you’re doing or pause the game to view a big panel blocking your view.

A collapsible, semi-transparent, neat and tidy, small font panel in the corner that unfolds and collapses, with the info on it, is probably all that is needed.

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Unless I’m horribly mistaken, making objectives toggleable is really easy and should be added as an option asap just for the sake of it.