Hide some things

I think there is some things should keep hided between players, and some meta behaviours pushed by a devs’ mistakes that we see as normal things. Here my list of changes:

-Remove enemies score. It help to speculation about rush, up ages, premature GG’s. I think players should use only the information collected by your scouting.

-Remove detailed stats of enemies units. Players should to use little skirmishes or take risk in all-in battles to know the real power and upgrades of the enemies in the empiric way. Just keep the HP bar, but only for Units, not for buildings, because building has the graphic degradation, and fire to know her life stiuation. Making units bleeding could be too much confuse or lagging

-Remove the “bug” that let you see what pass over a building foundation. This always seemed ridiculous for me.

Thanks for read. Have a nice day

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Excellent point!

I’m not against seeing the enemy’s score, but it doesn’t make sense it drops when you start researching a technology and then increases again once it’s researched. This is the reason why you can know when your opponent is going to Feudal Age.

I get your point on the second issue, but removing it would be too game-changing in my opinion.

I fully agree with point three (building scanning).


I never understood the reason of a visible score, it is not an arcade game or something like this. Put some information more relevant for strategic I think…

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You can even know if is comming drush because of the score rising much before the militias reach your base


Your post I believe is the first one questioning the point of displaying a score. However, checking score when you lost your scout (does happen) would be a weaker substitute to tell what your opponent is doing. If enemy score is removed, there is no point to check yours cause only displaying your score provides nothing. And DE has that option to turn or score overlay.

Removing enemy unit stats makes deciding which fight to take more difficult and can potentially create more of a snowball effect, where missing one upgrade can decide the game. Knowing enemy upgrades would help determine their army relative strength and can allow players to decide whether they should play defensive or offensive without committing units. It’s kinda yes that you throw a few units to enemy ones and see how fast unit dies, but why sacrificing units when you can just check upgrades?

As for the third point…no comments. It’s kinda of a thing for 20 years and I don’t see why removing that is a huge priority.


Yeah this is how score is calculated and how it works. Your resource score gets converted to another score during ageing up.

Doubt anything regarding score changed between HD and DE.

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Reading score is a skill, and while the full detailed stats is a bit silly but I don’t see why change after so many years


The score can help inform when to resign, though it would be nice if the exploits were fixed.

I’d love to see foundation scouting removed.

I rather like being able to see the enemy stats.

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Imo scores should be removed during the match. Only in the stats screen.
You will have to learn to take care of your scout. if you lose it ok, play blind, use a vil to explore or train a new scout. It’s a mechanic much more logic and game friendly than speculate with a score.

Sounds like playing a card game like poker and every players show their cards befor bet. Reached one point some risks has to be taked, even in a RTS game.

I think it is better stimulate scouting skills. It’s like cheating, obviusly is not because devs put it there, but you know what I mean. It’s like “magicaly” I know how developed is a player even without knowing where he is. Has no merit at all

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You know when you are GG without the score… If you think have an oportunity the score shouldn’t discourage you, it’s like anti-gaming. In many cases the scores shows something that no reflex what happen in the game… What happen in game si the most important.

Well, good luck pushing this forward then.


Of course I don’t have hope devs apply this changes. Most AoE players are too much conservative.


‘resources currently being used to research technologies and train units’ should be part of the score if it’s not removed

don’t agree with hiding upgrades. it wouldn’t really hide anything and would just put more math in the game

agree 100% with getting rid of foundation scouting. that’s just dumb


IDk, score is really anti-inmersive, and speculative

I didn’t understand what do you mean with “more math”

You can work out their attack stats by the damage done to you with math. Or possibly the armour by the damage dealt (hp drop on hp bar)

But on this note… If we can see unit stats we should be able to see building armour so we can see teching on em. Wonder why it’s not implemented… Likely “just because”

This is how i feel. And im assuming 1. and 3. are left overs from faults in the engine…

But because “they always been like that” people will defend their existence…

Maybe we should have never buffed the weak civs either coz “they always been like that”

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