Hiding the map code hurts tournaments

Whoever creates the game can put his code and already know the layout of the map.but if you can see if someone creates a code.

I expect this is an agreed code specified by the tournament administrators. The seeds are considered ahead of time to ensure as much fairness as possible. Apparently layouts are the same but resources still spawn differently?


Yes they confirmed that to me, but until the quarterfinals there is that advantageous possibility that the one who generates the game would have, and at the moment it is not possible to know if the opponent puts his own code or not

Well that would be foolish to cheat on stream like that. Tin foil hats at the ready.

Edit: does the map code not show when they watch the replay, you can just press esc and it shows the map name and probably the code as well? In any event it is for the administrators of the tournament to deal with.

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I wouldn’t mind seeing a model of the generated map displayed somewhere in the UI if a seed is entered. Otherwise, allow tournament folks to set up the games and invite the other players and hide the seed #.

I thought it was a bug but it isn’t and I can’t delete the post