Hiding your match history

Why do people do this? I can understand if you’re one of the top players and enter tournaments for money but a lot of ordinary players also hide it. We cant’ see your chat on recordings don’t worry.

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Except for custom / private games, public games should not be hidden.

I’m not sure I agree here I think it should be up to each person. I’d never hide it myself but just wondering the reasoning of people who are not professional players hiding it. Even those who do hide it you can often circumvent it by going to profile of their opponent.

I always opt for the maximum “privacy” by default everywhere online. Doesn’t really matter in this case, but I’ll keep it hidden. Sorry that bothers you (?). Don’t know what the big deal is. What do you gain from seeing your opponents history?

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I usually have the leaderboard open while in matchmaking so I can search the ELO of my opponents, but that doesn’t show me if they are a desync wizard.

Nothing it’s just cool watching replays and occasionally you find someone whose replays you want to watch for fun and they’re hidden. I’m the same way in AOE2DE as they can see chat there and I find the thought of strangers watching it weird.

Keep hiding it :+1:

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To avoid any kind of cheating, learn from the best players or that the casters can show the game to new spectators, all public ranked games, at least, must be observable. If there is a game that you want to play in private to test some strategy, the same word says it, private.

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either pro players or cheaters.

Ppl tend to follow what their favorite tuber / streamer does. If they hide then fan will follow.

Makes no difference if someone hides or doesn’t.