Highest acheived rank

If highest achieved rank means what I think it does, it is not working properly. I was a gold player for around 2 months, and after a bad couple of weeks it went back to silver.

Yeah I’ve been meaning to report this but I don’t even know how to approach it, as it seems like the whole meaning and use of it is unclear, we don’t really know what we expect it to do, just not go back.

The ONLY thing I can think of is that gold is the highest elo of the top (x) amount of players, say the top 100 is 2k, then gold is 2k+, and if the 100th player suddenly becomes 2k1, you lose gold as you’re under that max elo threshold. But not accounting for elo inflation would be insane, and that’s just speculating how it works which probably isnt, though saying it works is … dubious

I got gold again today. I think the rank starts somewhere around 10,000 or 1100 elo.