Highly requested qwality of life change

I request Dev’s , to make art show their range when u put them in bombard mode ( or with any mode for euthopia mortors) . It’s so painful if u click a art outside of its range and it starts packing , specially painfull when u doing culv fight , it can cause inta loss.

Make it show its range like University show its range , etc . So we can only click inside that circle to prevent them from packing .


Another request .

please make units show their aura range , for daimyo , many explorer , Hausa gate , euthopia monestry , teepee . So we can plant them at right position. Right now it’s just guessing game .

May be make a light ring or something to show range .

That will be so useful , specially for new players , who can’t guess different range .


This was added in an update way back, you have to turn it on in options. You can make it so it’s on when you hover, click or both. The circle shows you the range of that unit.


See notes here that explain it:


Well, for my part i did knew about that feature and i have turned it on always but i think, at least for me, it only shows LOS rather than range, cause enemy units enter the circle but cannot reach them, it has to be in like 80% of the lineal distance to start firing, so i think is the LOS that it shows rather than the range because when i explore the circle match also with the explored areas, at least for me, i don´t know if i set it differently in the settings or what… but yeah, when it came out i said GREAT i personally like it very much, but i don´t know if it needs fixing or how do i change it. And also the aura range i do agree that it would be good, i don´t think it is highly needed cause you get use to it and guess it well, but it would also be great if we could see it, so we can place aura-granting units as far as we can without neglecting the aura effect.

It’s not line of site, the circle is attack range. Read the notes.

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I know, i also read it when it came out, it does say that, but in-game i see LOS wich is a bit bigger. So i don´t know if i´m the oly one or it does show the LOS…

I don’t see how that’s possible. If you have a ranged unit, it can attack anything within that circle. Very easy to test in a skirmish with the computer. It works correctly for me and my mates. If it’s not for you only (?) you should submit a bug report with a video.

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Ohh, okay, thanks! i´ll test it again…

does it show aura or range of range attack ??? like when with iroquis explorer

tested this .

only problem with this that u most of time not gonna use single culv , u gonna use 2 or 3 culv together , that time u need to keep pressing alt , or it will not show range , i wish if that could also be changed

lol for the last time read the notes. There are three different options to show the radius. Pressing alt is one, you can also turn it on where it shows when the unit is selected and you can turn it on so it shows when you hover with the mouse.

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Not sure about the Aura, I believe this is only attack range. I’m pretty sure aura and attack range are different.


Lol use then in practical . no other option will help in the condition I told u ,

why will u hover over two culv when u have to slowly move them to enemy . So u can shoot as soon as u get in range .

Selecting two culv will stop the first option . Where selecting single unit show range

Only option left is keep pressing alt while slowly moving culv forward . That’s ur best bet now . It’s viable option . But keep pressing alt is annoying .

It’s a nice feature, I use it all the time.