Hills should play a more important role in aoe4

In my opinion hills should play a more important role in aoe4. Units should move slower uphill direction and faster downhill. What do you think about this idea?

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After watching aoe2 and aoe4 RBW it made me realise elevation bonuses make the game even more snowbally so aren’t necessarily a good idea

RTSes are already quite punishing when it comes to snowballing and having terrain play such a big impact can exasperate this further.

Simply: losing a hill, means you lost the fight and now have an even harder time making a comeback because the opponent is ahead and has the terrain buffing them

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Maps in aoe4 arent handcrafted like SC2 thus this might not be fair/balance and is RNG dependent. I dont think it’s a good idea.

I agree with you with regard to movement speed it would be nice.
Hills do play a big role though.
One big example is ranged units, and you will see that mostly with siege as they cant attack something that is not in the line of sight. If you are attacking a keep with a bombard for example and you are not careful you will have your bombard runing into keep range and getting sniped

A tiny buff to ranged infantry and siege range/damage. Not the stupid +25% damage or something in aoe 2 but something along 5-10% would go along way making fights more interesting other than 1 blob vs another blob in flat ground.

Maybe i would say limit the attack bonus to ranged. Like in real world it is harder to fire arrows upwards. And downhill arrows will be assisted by gravity and hit harder. Those make sense, on top of my speed suggestion.