Hindu Controversy

As many of the threads state, there is a big controversy about adding Hindu mythology into the game since a large portion of people still practice it and may disagree with how it is represented (for example, each god has many different names). It would fit perfectly in the game so i would love to see it, but the controversy makes me less hopeful. i know not everyone is going to agree with adding any form of Hinduism into the game, but just in case i made this thread, where we could discuss the different ideas, so that we get a balanced and accurate civ concept.
after doing some digging, i feel that a mix of these gods would be best suited for this culture:

Major: Shiva (The destroyer,[which is a good thing] he would be a conqueror, waits for the perfect time to strike), Brahma (the creator, who would be a builder since he made the universe), and Vishnu (the preserver, which means they might be good as a preserver personality).

(i know most Hindus don’t really worship Brahma, but i think it works better this way)

Needed Minor: Lakshmi (goddess of wealth), Sarasvati (goddess of learning), Durga/Parvathi (warrior/mother goddess respectively), Ganesh (remover of obstacles), Muruga (god of war? i have conflicting sources, but he covers a bit of everything like Ganesha)

Not a Major “Minor” gods (and why they aren’t as major): Aiyanar (village protection god and mostly only worshipped in the south), Kali (goddess of killing and form of Durga), Yama (god that brings you to your next life, form of Shiva, but some believe he was the first mortal to die), Indra (god of the sky, not really as powerful as the others, but king of Devaloka, where the Devas, which are like lesser gods exist), Varuna (god of the oceans, is a Deva), Agni (god of fire, is a Deva), Hanuman (symbol of strength, not really a god, and would work better as a titan in my opinion), and lastly Ganga (the Ganga river, what holds her back is that she isn’t as big as Varuna).

Anyways, i have a lot of myth units in mind and major god connections but i wanted to start “small”
i didn’t dive into the human tech tree since i don’t know how broad civ is going to be (will SE Asia be included?)

Hi @Chekardhar, Please do not discuss controversial subjects per the forum code of conduct.

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