Hindustani Players: Which ranged unit do you prefer?

Hand Cannoneers, or Cavalry Archers in most situations?

Hand cannoneer seems more attractive to me. (easier to mass and complement composition well) hussar+HCA is also fine for hindustani.

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They now lack parthian tactics so HCA are much worse option than hand canoneers who’ve recieved quite some buffs (and Hindustanis get two bonuses towards them)

Cav archers is a good option midgame to counter knight pike approach from opponent (I face that strat pretty often when playing hindustanis) but as you miss parthian tactics their ca aren’t great vs halbs in imp so at that point hand cannon is the better choice imo.

Considering that hindustanis probably have the best hand cannoneers in the game with armor bonus and +2 range, while lacking partian tactics for CA, i would go hand cannons late game.

Good luck stopping FU hussar guarded by 9 range HC and BBC with SE and more armor to snipe onagers

This is obviously just late game though, in feudal/castle they can play Archer/crossbows just fine