Hindustanis Elephant Archer?

:laughing::laughing: You guys make me laugh so hard sometimes

We’ll give it a few days before you realise how much this helps them.

Or did you forget Britons exist and the nightmare they create with +1 range?


Without siege engineers. I wonder if there’s any other civ with that combo. Sonager w/o SE

I’m interested to see the math on the camels DPS and against buildings.

Same for the LC since it also gets the bonus now. I wonder if it applies to scouts, meaning there’s a slightly better odds on eating dark age/feudal walls.

yeah interesting actually… could make camels a quite good raiding unit that faster attack bonus.

Yes. Malians and Cumans.

Yeah that would be huge. But the wording is “light cavalry units”. So IDK

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It seems that they decided that no civ can have both cav archers and ele archer, and since hindustanis are supposed to be linked to the tatars/mughals they had to prioritize CA over ele archer.

But the armour bonus is gone, so surely that whole “camel that doesn’t die to ranged attacks fast enough” issue won’t come back.

Tbh no one complains janissaries are innacurate cuz they outrange and kill everything even if half the shots miss. So +2 range is a win because shatagni is no longer a “pay to get basic janissaries at a stage of the game where they outrange nothing anymore” tech.

Also is their CA play truely dead? I’ve seen Lithuanians go HCA from time to time so it doesn’t sound too bad for hindustanis either.


It’s a pity there’s so much ambiguity with the civ bonuses. Should’ve been pretty obvious. But will have to wait and see. I’m assuming it’s LC onwards as well. But who knows, when you look at for example the ambiguity in the various archer civ bonuses

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Dude if this was true shatagni would already be a strong tech. Not sure if you ever played shatagni hc but that’s what’s laughable here 11. The tech is supposed to make your hc better but in fact it doesn’t, at least not vs halbs (the units you are using hc against as Indians).

Briton archers have nothing to do with that. They already profit from +1 and so they profit from +2. But hc don’t profit from +1 because the extra range reduces their already low accuracy even more. So why would +2 range make that any better?

Ofc if shatagni also improves their accuracy to match the former accuracy with lower range the tech is probably pretty strong. And yes you guys are right that irrespective of accuracy +2 range will be better vs…


… but especially since now they lost parthian tactics Indians will struggle hard against halbs (there is a reason you lately saw more ca than camels from them in 1v1) and the point is against halbs the new shatagni won’t really help if it’s implemented like the current one.

Sure but jannis are so strong bc they are a castle age unit. They are rarely played in imp except for 1 tc pushes that are followed up by fast imp bc opponent makes defensive castle. Ofc shatagni hcs in castle age would be strong.

Well maybe not entirely dead but if your opponent spams halbs ca without parthian tactics are simply not enough. They can work if you’re super ahead though. And tbh I don’t think I saw civs like lithuanians or bulgarians go ca more than like 2 or 3 times. Probably that was in castle age I guess. I mean there always will be situations where it works but you certainly can’t default into ca anymore as indians when opponent goes halbs.

Yes. This civ is just annoying now, without a single go-to unit (unless Ghulam is decent). The previous scout into CA play is weaker. Camels in castle age no longer tank arrows. Infantry still lack plate mail armor.

What if siege elephants turn out to be good enough to be as useful as a unit as siege rams? Could this make up for losing the other stuff?